About Us


What Does Tutormates Offer?

Tutormates offers Toronto in-home tutoring assistance to those individuals seeking help with their current schoolwork in the public or private education system within the Greater Toronto Area.

We cater to students from Elementary grade levels all the way up to Highschool students and beyond.

What are Tutormates’ In-Home Tutoring Sessions Like?

Each in-home tutoring session in Toronto costs $40 per hour

Each in-home tutoring session lasts 1 hour long

Our in-home tutors in Toronto all have Bachelors degrees and are highly specialized and educated in their areas of expertise

What are Tutormates’ Basic Teaching Principles?

Basic principles all our in-home tutors in Toronto adhere to include:

-Specialized teaching styles

-Principles of practice and motivation

-Understanding and empathy

-Patience with students

Why is There a Need for More Individualized Learning?

Tutormates acknowledges the fact that classroom sizes within the education system within Toronto are getting larger.

As a result, instructors are taking on larger workloads and have to tend to more students.

This is why in-home tutoring is springing as a result.

It has been shown through research that individuals have varying levels of learning styles amongst a typical standard group of pupils in a class. Such different learning methods are sometimes inevitably clumped into possibly discriminatory labels such as

-ADHD(attention deficit hyperactivity)




Each of these learning disorders is specific to a particular type of cognitive deficit, but does not necessarily entail that a student will fail at school and at life later on.

Tutormates acknowledges that individuals may have weaknesses in certain cognitive areas in their learning styles, and caters to these special circumstances.

What are the End Goals for Tutormates’ Clients?

Learning about these learning styles and how to cater to special needs is a goal that Tutormates offers to parents and guardians of students who are facing difficulties in class.

To learn more about the different methods Tutormates uses, please check out our methods section to get an idea of how our in-home tutors in Toronto cater to these specific needs.