What are the Basic 3 Steps To Successful Learning?

Tutormates uses several steps in order to cater to a student’s learning needs.

The typical process of uncovering a student’s educational needs, and then catering to those needs so that a student can adapt to their needs in any learning environment involves a multi-step process.

The basic 3 steps our in-home tutors use include:

  1. Assessment
  2. Applications
  3. Practice

This process is a systematic process that helps pinpoint individual learning styles and ways to work around these learning styles.


How Does Tutormates Help Students Overcome their Learning Difficulties?

Tutormates’ goals are to find out what these ways are, as children have certain cognitive strengths that appear to occur innately within them.

1. Assessment

The first step our in-home tutor uses involves a standard assessment of an individual’s learning needs, and this is done through a simple test that measures one’s cognitive abilities within various learning domains (including art, mathematics, language, science).

A more thorough, detailed cognitive assessment is also available for $500.

A cognitive assessment will identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses in many areas, including






A full list of over 20 skills will be identified and assessed in order to discover cognitive strengths and weaknesses for an individual. A cognitive assessment is an OPTIONAL choice for our clients, but they help further improve success rates with tutoring and help individuals find ways to adapt to their strengths and weaknesses in everyday life.

2. Applications

When specific strengths and weaknesses of a student are identified, it is then our in-home tutor’s goal to provide educational material in such a way that suits a pupil’s learning styles.

3. Practice

A specific learning style that is shown to be beneficial for a student will continually be used by our in-home tutor until it is efficiently utilized. This in itself involves the principle of practice.