Cognitive Assessments

Tutormates offer Cognitive Assessments for individuals who need to assess cognitive weaknesses and strengths in order to find out how to adapt their learning styles to better succeed in education.

Cognitive Assessments are priced at $500. Payments can be made in installments.

A full list of over 20 skills will be thoroughly tested and examined.

Cognitive Assessment tests are OPTIONAL. They are an option under the Request a Tutor form.

Individuals choose cognitive testing to further specialize their learning, and as a result, succeed much better with full awareness of cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

Professionals will personally meet up with a client and test certain skills over a series of activities to see where the strengths and weaknesses lie. Many skills are tested, including:






-Nonverbal and verbal skills

Within attention, such skills as:

-cognitive shifting

Cognitive shifting involves the ability to shift from thinking about one particular subject to another. A good example of cognitive shifting abilities is the Wisconsin Sorting Task

Complete the cognitive shifting test!

other skills included:

-divided attention
-focused attention
and more

Within memory, such skills as:

-visual short-term memory
-non-verbal memory
-auditory short-term memory
and more

From thereon, clients will receive reports as to specialized learning plans based on cognitive strengths and weaknesses. These specialized learning styles are called compensatory teaching methods.

Free consultations are available. Call or email to book a free 30 min consultation.