Stage 2 Application: Cognitive Assessment Administrator

Please answer the following questions in full sentence form. Please be as fluent as possible. The writing style will be evaluated as well, as this role involves writing lengthy reports with regards to cognitive assessments.

  1. Define at least 2 skills under each main category. Provide everyday examples of these skill subsets

2. A child has tested poorly in numerous skills on Cognifit and has scored a substantially high score (above 80) on hand-eye coordination and spatial perception. The child has poor verbal skills in general. Describe how this would play out in everyday circumstances.

How would one compensate with compensatory cognitive strategies? What methods can one use to help this child learn better? Be as creative as you can.

3. If one has poor motor memory yet excellent verbal skills and verbal memory, what occupations do you recommend this person stay away from, and which ones to venture into? Provide your rationale for your answer.